Process Improvement

The organization: Global financial services company, L&D, call centre trainers

The situation: eLearning scores were frequently lost between the courses and the LMS and/or the standalone training dashboard. When this happened, trainers spent a lot of time collecting course completion screenshots from new hires and logging support tickets. The support team then manually updated the scores in the LMS and the dashboard database.

My solution: First, I eliminated the need for screenshots, allowing the trainers to submit a single spreadsheet instead of multiple images. Then, I designed and developed an app and upload templates to allow trainers to load batches of scores to both the LMS and the dashboard database. This drastically reduced the number of support requests and saved a lot of time for the trainers and the support team. In the first month, the trainers loaded at least 25 files containing about 3000 records. I subsequently updated the app and templates with defensive coding to prevent common user errors.

Feedback from a trainer: “Simon is always trying to come up with process improvements (…). The new Course Upload Process is a good example (…) overall the process has been a huge improvement for us, especially the CC facilitators.”

The organization: Global financial services company, L&D, eLearning team

The situation: Employees were reporting bugs in eLearning courses. Frequently, these were the same bugs that had previously been reported in other courses.

My solution: I spearheaded a quality initiative by creating and developing a QA test plan for eLearning solutions. I started out with test cases to validate key features and functions within the courses, then added to it any preventable errors or bugs which arose in the courses. Since then, it has been instrumental in ensuring high quality team deliverables and it has been expanded to include development and publishing checklists.

Feedback from the manager: “Simon worked very hard on implementing a very thorough and detailed test plan for out e-learning courses. (…) He’s also constantly looking for ways to improve our products and processes.” “He's been instrumental in getting our test plan off the ground and keeping it updated. This test plan is going to contribute to our team being able to maintain high quality standards for our products.”